Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Rain Gutters"

I did not know what to blog about. So I thought about it for a bit. I came to the idea that I would blog about something I did today. I helped my dad clean the rain gutters out today. Well I held the ladder when he went up and cleaned them. I thought as he was up their cleaning them, that our lives can be the like the rain gutters. Once every few months we clean the crap out of them, so that the rain will follow out. We need to let God come in to our lives and begin to start cleaning the crap out in our lives, but much like the rain gutters do not clean themselves. We as people need to say I think it is time to clean the gutters. We need to say it time to let God to come in a clean the crap out of life. So that He can follow out of me so when people push my buttons the grace of God follows out not the overflow of my own self. This is hard because we need to say to God, come in a search my life and begin to clean the crap out. I did this a few weeks ago and He has started to clean the crap up, and when I started to see what He was clean up in my life I was like no. Why are you clean that out? I also thought if this is what it takes to get closer to God, then I want this crap cleaned up. So God can follow out of me much like the rain follows out of the gutters once they have been cleaned and do not have the crap to block it. I am not saying I will be perfect once this crap is cleaned up, there will be more to work on after.
Questions: What is the crap in your life that God needs to begin to up? When He starts to do this will you have a problem with what He is cleaning up? If so how will you deal with it?


Barrett said...

I like it. I liek it a lot, again, very simple, just some plain old rain gutters. turned into a very good, and easy analogy of life and how God works. Pretty much exactly what this weekend has been to me, cleaning up and getting rid of a lot of crap in my life.


Well....once again....amazingly just what i needed. And just what happened to me this weekend. I just want to simply say you for being my youth leader..and to God for putting you in my are constantly teaching me matty!!!
you're the best!