Saturday, November 18, 2006

Emotions are elastic

Hey I am sorry for those of you who came on last Saturday to read my blog, I had one of those weeks. Where I did not get around to writing it Saturday. I attend an event on the Saturday and was really tried went I returned home. The event was Promise Keeps. It is an event for men. Some of the men at my church wanted me to attend so I went. I had a great time the speakers were really good. It was great to hear what they had to say.

Now on to the blog this week. It is not going to have to do with Promise Keeps, nor what I learned them. This weeks is about a song on C.D. I have been listening to in my car, so I have been driving around. The band's name is 311. I only own one C.D. by them so I do not know to much at their music. The C.D. I have is entitled 'Evolver', released in 2003. The one song I really enjoyed this week is #10 on the C.D. it is entitled 'Other Side of Things.'

There is one line they repeat a come during the song. The words go like this:

Emotions are elastic
they stretch out and back
stretch out and back
sometimes they just snap
they don’t go back
they never go back

What I like about these words are, our emotions are like elastics we stretch them so far and sometimes they come back to normal. And we can keep stretching our emotions. I also like how it says something they just snap, they don't come, they never come back. We stretch our emotions so far that sometimes they snap and never come back. I do not know about you but I use to wear elastic for the fun of it, on my wrists. I would have friends that would stretch them so far back and then let go of them and they would snap down my wrist and it would hurt. We stretch our emotions sometimes far like that and then we they snap back they hurt. I also pulled the elastics myself and sometimes they would brake on my and they would snap back at me and hurt to. We stretch our emotions like that when they snap back they are going to hurt us.

I am not saying do not have emotions. Emotions are good things to have. But when we make decisions based just on our emotions, sometimes our emotions get stretched and they don't come back.

I think sometimes in the Christian life we make decisions, based on our emotions. I do not think this is the right thing to do. A lot of people make the decision to have a relationship with God based on a emotional feeling. Jesus was about people making decisions to follow Him. He did not use emotions to get people to follow Him. He just said come and follow me, and people would follow Him and when they followed Him they say the difference He made, and decisioned to follow Him based on that.

If we base our whole relationship with God on an emotional feeling. What happens when things get things go wrong, because things are not perfect, we are going to have hard times in life. The emotional feeling might get stretched like the elastics and it might snap and never come back.

So do not base your whole relationship with God on a emotional feeling, because some days you might not feel Him, but He is still there. So base your relationship on what He does and who is He. Not because of an emotional feeling someone created in a service you attend. Let God do that.

Please leave your comments. I love reading them.

Howden Matt Howden

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jade said...

I LOVE IT. so true. like always your blog is great. you always have an interesting way of looking at every day things..and you have good example that relaly apply. GOOD JOB! i love keeping up with you blog....
see you in 8 months!