Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I learned today

I thought today I would check out some podcast I download the other day.
I downloaded a few from Youth Specialties. Here is a clip from one of them.

Any thing to add?

Howden Matt Howden

Monday, March 02, 2009


A few Thursdays ago I came across this tv show on the Global web site. It is called Life.
"Life centers around Detective Charlie Crews, who at the start of the first season (set in 2007) is released from Pelican Bay State Prison after serving twelve years of a life sentence. In 1995 he was wrongfully convicted of the triple murder of his business partner and the partner's family. Thanks to the efforts of his lawyer Constance Griffiths, DNA evidence exonerates him of the murders. Having lost his job, his wife, his friends, nearly all contact with the outside world and even his grip on reality for a time while in jail, he emerges enlightened by the philosophy of Zen, a fixation with fresh fruit and an obsession with solving the murder that nearly cost him his life and exposing the conspiracy that framed him for it. After successfully suing the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD, he is reinstated to the police department and receives an undisclosed but substantial monetary settlement. (Several hints throughout the series indicate that the amount was 50 million dollars)" (

The idea behind this show really is he got life in prison and now he is getting life back. The whole Zen part of the show is something different. Because of Zen things have no meaning to him i.e. cars they are just an object to him. Everything is connected to something. I have enjoyed checking this show out.

Howden Matt Howden