Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pete Wilson - Empty Promises

I just had the chance to read Pete Wilson's book empty promises. I got this book from the web site book sneeze. I enjoyed reading this book. This book talked about the idols we all face in life. Pete did a great job with bring each one to for front of the reading by adding in questions in different areas of the book questions to make the read think deep about their own life. Pete as did a great job adding in real life stories (some times I wish I got here more about the stories but as he said at one point in the book it is not a tell all book). The whole book can be summed up on page 191 "This book has never been about guilt. It was never my goal to simply point out the fact that we all struggle with idolatry. Quite the opposite. I long for you to find the freedom that comes from living your life wholly seeking God. I long for you to become increasingly aware of empty promises so you won't be distracted from the Source of real power. You need that, because the danger you face is real enough." Pete gives us a message of hope in world of idolatry. Hope that comes from Christ alone!


Monday, April 02, 2012

God loves broken people
God loves broken people and we need to enter into a personal relationship with Him to be healed from this brokenness. We are all broken people. This book you will hear about people's brokenness and the writers story also.
Not having read or heard of this author before. I did not know how her writing style would. This book will be useful to use in a small group.
If you would like to hear the author speak. You can attend the Women of Faith conferences. Please get the book and read it!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Drip, drip, drip

I have just finished reading the Liturgical Year. I did not grow up in a church that used the liturgical caldenar however the churches I did work at did celebrate Advent by lighting candles and talking about the coming of Christ as a baby. We also celebrated Good Friday and Easter. One church had done an Ash Wednesday service the year before I got there. When I moved to a new city I found out more about Lent as I had friends giving up things for 40 days. After reading this book I see how important the liturgical year can be. The challenge laid out by the author is to allow the liturgical year to drip, drip, drip slowly in the "deepest parts of our psyches." (12) If you want to learn about the liturgical year from a book that is not a "text book" I would tell you to read this book.

Matthew Howden

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I enjoy getting books. I own a few books. When I moved in 2008 I have 6 Rubbermaid's full of books and only 5 full of clothes. Since 2008 I have added a few more books. Two of them I have read in the last two months. They are: Forgotten God by Francis Chan and small is the new big by Seth Godin. They are two very different books. Chan challenges the readers to live a life that is impacted by the Spirit of God. Godin is getting you thinking about small business as the way of the future. They might be very different but they are have this idea of risk. Chan and Godin what us to live lives that have a risk element in them. To got of the safe and see what could happen. I would encourage to check them and see what happens when you take a risk the time safe seems like the only way to go. Let's live a life of risk it is better then a life of the normal!

Howden Matt Howden