Sunday, February 19, 2012


I enjoy getting books. I own a few books. When I moved in 2008 I have 6 Rubbermaid's full of books and only 5 full of clothes. Since 2008 I have added a few more books. Two of them I have read in the last two months. They are: Forgotten God by Francis Chan and small is the new big by Seth Godin. They are two very different books. Chan challenges the readers to live a life that is impacted by the Spirit of God. Godin is getting you thinking about small business as the way of the future. They might be very different but they are have this idea of risk. Chan and Godin what us to live lives that have a risk element in them. To got of the safe and see what could happen. I would encourage to check them and see what happens when you take a risk the time safe seems like the only way to go. Let's live a life of risk it is better then a life of the normal!

Howden Matt Howden