Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Turning the radio down"

When I was a kid driving with my parents they would turn down the radio when they were lost and trying to find where the thing they were looking for was. I always thought it was funny yes turning down the radio is going to help you find what you are looking for. However now since I have started driving I find myself doing this. When I go to bank-thru bank I was turn my music down in the car. So I can focus on what I am doing. I now find that turing the radio down does help. I think so times we need to turn down more then the radio to be able to focus on things. I think we need to turn down a lot to hear what God is saying sometimes. We have so many thing around and we can not hear him say. I love you and want to be in a relationship with you. However you have so many things around us we can not hear him. And it wants for us to hear him.

The Bible says: Our God says, "Calm down, and learn that I am God! (Ps 46:10 CEV)

We need to calm down the things around us so we can hear God say "I love you and want to be in a relationship with you" and we can learn that he is God.

So maybe it is time to turn the radio down and hear what God has to say!

Howden Matt Howden

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jade said...

Tis true Matt. Tis true.