Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"The night before I leave"

Well tonight is the night before I leave for my missions trip. I am going to Guatemala. I am sitting here in a hotel. Because of the snow storm coming to Hamilton on Wednesday. I can not believe that the day before I leave all this snow comes. I think it is crazy that we are getting up to 50 cm of snow in Hamilton.

Well tomorrow at 12 pm I leave. I am flying for the first time. I hope everything works go and we leave on time.

When I get to Guatemala I am going to be working on the computer lab for this school to get the last 15 computers up and running and creating accounts for each student that is at the school right. The rest of the team will be doing different things. So of them will be building a wall.

I can not wait to get there and do that what we are going to do. But I can not also wait to come back and show everyday the pictures I have. I am going to take about 2000 pictures, I hope and I will show each one to everyone that wants to see them.

Well I am going to miss everyone at Rainstorm and CLA.
Rainstorm keep up with everything we are doing and have a great two weeks well I am gone.
And Know that I will miss you guys when I am gone, but I will be back soon with pictures for you.

Howden Matt Howden


Kara said...

Hola! I hope you remembered to pick up that spanish book! I look forward to seeing all 2000 pictures when you get back! Have an awesome time with those computers!
Adios amigo! Dios le benice!

brandy & paul said...

have a blast and learn lots