Saturday, January 27, 2007

My trip to Much Music

The first week of January I did a class for school. I was called popular and media. I really liked the class. It has been one of the best classes I have taken at school ever. We watch movies and music videos. We also listened to music. For one of the classes we went to Much music and got to interview two of the VJ Tim and Matt. That was fun. We also got the chance to talk to one of the producers. This guy was in 40s and he said that there are 4 or 5 guys in there 40s that decide what music videos get played. They also tell the VJ what to wear. One of the VJ said that they joke again with him about eating extra slices of pizza. It makes you think you always hear that about girls and the image they need to have on TV and now it is happening with guys too. I think it is weird that 4 or 5 guys in there 40s decide what is "in" or "out" in the youth culture. In October we attend an event called "Acquire the Fire" and one of the speakers said it was guys his age making the chooses for MTV and I thought that was different till, I went to much and saw it and heard it for real.

Think about that some of these guys are your parents age and they tell you what type of music to like, what band is cool, what clothes are in.

I would like to hear you comments about that!
How do you feel that some guys you parents age tell you what is cool for you?

Howden Matt Howden

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