Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Snap, crackle and pop"

Today's blog is about Rice Krispies and they sounds they make. This blog I just started thinking about today. I hope if it is not good that you will forgive me. I think it will be hard to follow up my last few blogs but I am going to try with this one. This one is a bit different Enjoy.

"Rice Krispies (called Rice Bubbles in Australia) is a brand of breakfast cereal that has been produced by Kellogg's since 1928. They are made of a rice mixture which is shaped into the form of rice kernels and toasted. These kernels bubble and rise in a manner which forms very thin walls. When the cereal is exposed to milk or juices, these walls tend to collapse suddenly, creating the famous "Snap, crackle and pop" sounds. This is in contrast to puffed rice, which was introduced in 1904." (

"Krispies are marketed with the phrase "Snap, crackle, pop", which is supposed to be the sound made when milk is poured over them. The elfin characters of Snap, Crackle and Pop appear on most Rice Krispies boxes. In the United States and Canada, opinion varies concerning Crackle's occupation, but Snap is always portrayed as a baker and Pop as a soldier. To demonstrate the marketing penetration of this brand and contrast it with American political ignorance, pollster Kellyanne Conway reported in 2002 that while most Americans could name the three elves, they could not name any three of the nine sitting Supreme Court Justices. Considering the age group involved, this may have been due to the very famous commercial aired in the 1960s using the music from the tenor aria in Pagliacci with the words "No More Rice Krispies" or the fact that the same jingle was used for decades its other commercials." (

I would like to talk about the sounds the Rice Krispies make when you add milk to them they make snap, crackle and pop sounds. And if you have ever eaten Rice Krispies, they make the sounds when you chew them too.

Now if someone came up to you and said I like Rice Krispies. But I would like to take away the pop sound or maybe the crackle or maybe the snap, each person might want to take away a different sound they make. And you might think they are crazy the sounds is what makes Rice Krispies, you can not take away the Snap, Crackle and Pop, they would not be the same. And then what would be the point of them. And we would be missing out of something that has been around for a long.

The same can be said about God. Some people want to remove something that God has or does and limit Him much like how they want to limit the Rice Krispies, and the snap, crackle, and pop. People want to take away the love that He gives, some the forgiveness that He offers, still others the relationship we can enter into with Him, and some want to take away that Jesus was His Son and just say that he was just a man that lived, some might say if he lived.

Finally, just like taking away the sounds from the Rice Krispies would not make the cereal the same. When removing these things about God He would not be the same. But what is great, He is does offer us things like: forgiveness, relationship, love and so much more and all we need to do is ask Him for these things, and He gives them to us.

Howden Matt Howden

Let me have one bad blog please!!!!!


Barrett said...

well well well matt.
i could say this blog relle sucked and that this doesn't relle stand up to your others. but i'd be lieing to you so i wont. this was a different blog, gave me a couple random facts about rice kripies which i enjoyed. and talked a little about God aswell. very nicely done, its amazing how well u do these links or comparisons to everyday things like jones soda or rice kripies to much bigger and better things like God. very well done matt.


hahaha very nice bud. certainly just as good as your others. I liked it very much..and i agree with barrett the ability to take everyday things and make them deep is very cool. A very nice touch! lol it was awesome as always matty. loved it!!!!

Torrin? said...

Mr. Howden

I suddenly have an urge to go eat some Rice Krispies. Although... I just had lunch. I guess I'll have them tomorrow.

Over and out.