Saturday, August 12, 2006

So close yet so far

I thought I would post another blog, so here it is. This not the blog I was planning on writing today, but I have been thinking about this all week, and I fought against to post it but as you can see I lost the fight and this blog won.

As you can see by the title, I am talking about something that is so close yet so far at the same time. Have you ever had something that was so close but yet it was so far at the same time? Maybe it was school for some of you this year it was so close to summer yet still so far away. You could see the end but you will still away from it. Maybe you have done a race before and you see the finish line and you begin to think I am so close yet so far. And you start to think when will this be over I can see the end, but I am still so distance away from it. Personal this is where I am in life. I gave my two weeks notice to my summer job that I will be done on August 17/18 because I work the night shift it is going to carry over to the 18. So that means I have one more week of work, I can see the finish line in the distance but I am still far enough that it is not close yet.

Now this is when I am going to go on my tirade, not a lot of my blogs will be tirades. I like my job it easily, you can get away with not doing a lot of work (which a lot of guys do). And one guy on the day shift thinks I am lazy and do not any work. But now to reasons why I am happy to almost be done work:

1. I will get to sleep normal hours

2. My weeks will not be messed up any more

3. It will be time for school again

4. I can get my life back in order

5. My body will be warm again (I work in a freezer and refrigerator)

6. I will get to watch baseball games

Another reason I am happy to be leaving my job, is I get the chance to work with someone who likes to talk all the time and has to be the center of what everyone is talking about and he adds his stories and tries to one up your story. This is more the tirade part, I am sorry if you do not like this part. So yes I work with someone who is older than but acts younger then my which is weird, when you say that. This guy needs to be the center of everything when you talking to people in the lunch and if he not part of the conversion he makes himself part of the conversion. Have you ever met someone like that? Have you had them in your class at school? I do not know about you but they bug. It was alright when he worked 6:00 pm to 2:30 am I only had to listen to his stories for one 15 min break, but now he is on my shift. So I get to hear about them from 10:30 pm to 7 am. And at 3 am I do not like to hear for 10000 times what you still need to do to your car to get it on the road. I came to a conclusion over the past couple of weeks he bugs me and I do not know what do about it. I have tried my best but I can only handle so much. So I am happy that the end is so close but yet it is so far.

Finally when thinking about this so close yet so far. It made me think of the return of this guy named Jesus Christ; this guy was the Son of God, he died on a cross and rose from the died 3 days later, spent some more time on earth and then returned to his Father (God) The Bible says that the Son of God does not know his return but only the Father in Heaven does. However Jesus did talk about signs that would point to his return. Some of those signs are going on today. And it makes me wonder does Jesus still not know his own return but he is seeing the signs that point to his return. And there is the Father maybe saying to himself so close yet so far. So close for my Son to return and to fix the world we live in and yet so far for his return. He can see the finish line it could be so close yet so far at the same time. But He does know this that there is coming a time when it will be close and not far, and then it will be finished. Much like this Friday at 7 am I will be done another summer of work at Maple Leaf till next summer when I do it all over again. So what is the thing that is so close yet so far for you? Maybe like me it is the summer job. Maybe it is a relationship with the Creator of this world (God). Maybe it is the end of summer and the start of the school. Only you know what your thing is. Try to find it today but do not let it effect the way you live your life, let it add to it. When Jesus saw his thing that was so close yet so far the cross he let it add to the way he lived his life here on earth and he completed his thing that was so close yet so far. Will you?

I am even though this week with be hard, last week was to sometimes, I was really to walk in to the office and say I QUIT and I knowing I am so close, I can be come lazy in doing my work, this happened when I was close to finishing high school, I went back after I was finished for what was going to be a year, I only did one semester. But never the Christmas break I stopped caring and did not want to be there, after the Christmas break and I did not want to be there even more, I would go to class and sleep. I did not care about the work; I just wanted to be done and my marks were affected because of that. So I learned that I need to finish it all the way to end. Let doing a race you will better when you finish the end strong with your hand up and feeling good about your self, not when you are dragged across the finish line. So finish you're so close yet so far strong, you will feel better about it.

Howden Matt Howden

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