Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jones Soda

This blog is a bit late. It should have been done on Saturday sorry to those of you who checked the site on Saturday, but I hope you will forgive me and I hope you will like this one. Even though it is later than I said.

So this one is about Jones Soda as you can see by the title. I am going to talk about two bottle caps, if have gotten on my Jones Soda’s over the past few weeks.

First I do not drink a lot of soda because it does weird things to my body when I drink it. But I do drink Jones Soda, but not all of them really only Cream Soda and Blue Bubble Gum Soda.

The first cap says this accept a gift graciously, I think this is good advice. Have you ever gotten a gift you never wanted? Like black socks for Christmas. Do you accept the gift graciously or you say something like great socks. What about when someone gives you gift when you do not want anything? How do you accept it? What about if someone gives you gift when you do want it? What do you say? How do you accept it?

The one I would like to talk about is accepting a gift when you do not think you need a gift. This guy named Jesus came to the earth, he said he was the Son of God and that he would die and then rise from the dead. Because of this he offers this gift called forgiveness and relationship with God. Some people feel they do not need this gift. God is offering it us a gift, so the question to think about is when God is offering this gift will I accept this gift graciously? Or will you think I do not need this gift, much like I do not need those black socks you get at Christmas time. But one time you might need to use those black socks and you will be happy you have. One day you might need this thing called forgiveness and a relationship with God, and it is nice that this gift was offered to us, but we need to accept a gift graciously. Jesus offers more gifts than just these two.
But we must be willing to accept them graciously.

The next cap says a new chapter in your life is being written, this is cool because I believe new chapters are always been written about ours. A lot of you guys are writing new chapters of your lives by moving up in high school now. So what will you chapter of high school be about? When I first read this cap, I thought to myself I wonder what this new chapter is going to have in it. Maybe it will have me growing my leadership in area a live that does not have any leadership going on or my it will involve an road trip to somewhere I have never been before, maybe it will involve new relationships. I can not wait to see what this new chapter is going to have in it. I have always joked around with people that are taking writing classes in school that they need to write a book about my life. The title of the book would be the life and times of Matt Howden. But who knows if it will get done ever.

Now I am going to bring God and Jesus in with bottle cap, who thought I would do. When reading this cap about a new chapter was being written in my life made me think, that when I enter in a relationship with God that a new chapter is being the Bible says that we are made new when accept the gift God gives. Out of that we have a new chapter being written about our lives and what we do since we have been in relationship with God. And the fun we have with new people we meet in this new part of lives. We are writing new chapters to our lives. Chapters that have relationships, road trips, love, helping people, forgiveness, peace, joy, fun, laughing, purpose, a reason to live, and not to say you do not have these things in past chapters of your live, but these are new things you might not have had before. So what is this your new chapter going to say? What will it involve, who will be in, where will it take you, and how long will it be?

I want you know I just look at these bottle caps a just ideas, I do not want you think I look to the bottle caps for answers to life. I look to the Bible for that.

I am sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I was half a sleep when I wrote this. I hope it flows and you get something out of it.

Howden Matt Howden

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Barrett said...

hey matt
i was very disappointed saturday night when this wasn't posted but let me say it was defienently worth the wait, i enjoyed this one very much. a little hard to read sometimes but thast okay. and i have to ask, the picture with lal the bottles of jones, did u take that?? or better yet do u know where that is?? because i am a huge fan of jones and that picture had a lot of them.