Monday, September 30, 2013

An Amish Kitchen

An Amish Kitchen is a collection of three short stories, or novellas of faith, family and love.

“A Taste of Faith”, by Kelly Long is a story of the young local healer in the community, Fern Zook. She lives with her grandmother, because her parents both died from influenza at a young age. She spends her days tending to minor ailments of those in her community. Her world changes when she meets Abram Fisher, a determined bachelor who vows he will never marry. After his grandfather falls ill, his parents leave town, leaving him to care for his brothers and sister. His ideas of marriage change the more time he spends with Fern.

“A Spoonful of Love”, by Amy Clipston, is a story of a young woman, Hannah King, who tends to her family’s bed-and-breakfast. After her father suffers from a stroke, she struggles to keep up with the maintenance, cooking, cleaning, and book-keeping involved in running a successful bed-and-breakfast. Stephen Esh, a broken man haunted by his past, becomes an answer to her prayers. He is hired as the maintenance man for the bed-and-breakfast against Hannah’s mother’s wishes and quickly befriends Hannah.

“A Recipe for Hope”, by Beth Wiseman is a story of the importance of family. Eve Bender and her family must move back to her parent’s house after their house gets destroyed by a fallen tree. Eve and her mother have always had a strained relationship, and both are uneasy about the forced living conditions. Throughout the time spent together secrets are revealed and betrayal within the family comes to light. 

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