Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's day
This year's father's day is going to be one to be remembered for ever. On Friday night I was talking with Melissa and Kelly. They asked me what I was doing for father's day. I said I was going to play golf with my dad and brother as long as my brother did not hurt himself. Last year he messed up his shoulder.

This year on the Saturday he was playing soccer we his friends. And He broke his ankle. Here is a picture of an ankle it is not his. The bone that is sitting on top of the foot bone is called the Tibia (shinbone) that bone moved right off of the foot bone and need to be put back in place. 

On Sunday at 11:30 am he went in to get a plate and screw put in. The put the screw in to hold the Tibia to the Fibula (leg bone). 

I got to the hospital at about 9:40 am. Here are some pictures of him just laying around...

That is one big cast.

Here are some pictures before the surgery...

Here are some after the surgery...

Under this picture needs to be the words "LET ME OUT OF HERE" 

A much smaller cast!

I sent my father's day in a hospital. We did leave during the one and half hour surgery. To leave to have some lunch at Swiss. 

The best part was when he found out he need to slept the night there. He was like no way I am getting out of here. Matt get me a wheelchair and get me home. 

He did end up sleeping there. I went by today at 11:45 and he was already out. One of the guys in the room told me. I said did they let him out or did he leave on his own. He said he wanted out. 

Now he will spend the next 5 weeks justing laying around the house. I do not know how he is going to do it. 

Next year I am going to tell him on the saturday of father's day weekend. He must spent the whole day in the house just laying around so he does not hurt him self so we can play this game of golf!

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