Saturday, July 01, 2006

26 Heroes last night

Last night the youth group I lead put on a coffee house. We had 26 people come out that’s great for a long weekend.

To me those 26 people are heroes, why heroes? You might ask yourself as you read this. They are heroes to me because they showed remarkable bravery to come out to a coffee house at a Church. You might say a hero is someone who has powers and saves people, which might be true. I looked the word hero up on the Encarta Dictionary in Microsoft Word, and the first one that came up was someone with superhuman powers. The second was a remarkably brave person. To me those 26 people are remarkable bravery for coming to a coffee house, a lot of those kids are not in to God and they showed great courage and strength to come and check out what was going on at the youth group last night.

I think we need to encourage people, for coming a checking out a Church service or Church event, because they can be scary if you do not know what is going on or what will go on when you get. People that come out to events and services to me are hero’s because they show that remarkably bravely to come and check it out. They might not superhuman powers but they are heroes in my way of thinking of heroes.

So how many heroes will you meet this week when you attend your Church service this weekend? Or maybe you will be that hero by going and checking out a Church service this weekend!

Thank you
Howden Matt Howden

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